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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
Yes I know there isn't such a thing. But, anyways. The day before Thanksgiving is more of a pain than Thanksgiving day. I worked for half of the day today, then came home and worked all evening in the kitchen preparing food for tomorrow. It is rediculous that we spend all of this time preparing for a meal that takes about half an hour to devour. At least in my family that is the case. And, Uncle Richard always has a comment about something that isn't just right. One of these days we aren't going to cook anything for him and make him fend for himself. Like the sign that Uncle Bobby gave Mom that says " Open the oven and take a look, The first to complain is tomorrows cook." If only that were true. But if it were I imagine I would be very skinny right now, cause Mom and I are the only ones who know how to cook in this houshold.

Well any was, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. And compliment the chef who cooks your meal this year cause I know from experience that they deserve it.


  • At 12:15 PM, Blogger AJ said…

    i kno! uncle rick always has a comment about how hes had such and such food better somewhere else. ive often thought about this, and heres my question, what is the point of eating if you know that nothing will taste as good as it has sometime in the past?

    i think he should think about that... could save him a few pounds dontcha think?


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