I am a 25 year old Medical Assistant from Salem, WV.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! I can't believe that it is already Christmas. Where, oh where, has this year gone? It just seems like it should be the beginning of 2005 not the end of 2005. I hope next year turns out better than this year. But, I shouldn't complain. I am very sure that there are people out there that are having a worse Christmas. I am greatful that we have all of the family with us this year. But, Oh my god, it will be a mad house in 2 days. I'm sure someone is going to get very grouchy. And we all know who that is. Just as long as we don't have any Grinches in the mist this year.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy Birthday to Mom! Today is my mother's Birthday. She is 54. But everyone thinks she is my sister. Some lady asked me the other day if my niece, (her granddaughter) was her baby or mine. I guess everyone thinks she looks young for her age. Well I hope she had a good Birthday. She got 2 pair of jeans and two shirts. Plus, my sisters and I got her a gift certificate for a massage or whatever she wants at the Spa in town. I hope she uses it because it cost us $120. She made the comment that she didn't want some strange woman touching her. Well if she doesn't use it I will. I need the massage after this week at work. All of my muscles are screaming from lifting so many boxes. It will probably be worse tomorrow because we are taking them to the guy to destroy them. Wish us luck that noone throws a back out.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Well mom has finally jinxed me. I have went for 4 months without getting a cold, and she had to comment that NOONE in the house was sick for over 3 weeks. Now i feel like crap. Hopefully I won't give anything to the doctor or his wife cause he just started Chemo Thursday. I will have to take one of dad's masks to work with me just incase he comes to the office tomorrow. Hopefully I won't make anyone sick. And of course it had to snow today, so the idiots in the neighborhood are messing up the hill. They jsut keep trying to run up it with their cars and making it worse. I mean how stupid can they be, if you dont make it once you probably aren't going to make it the second time. And espically not backwards, like some of them have tried. Oh well, I guess idiots are idoits and will never change.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Well I may finally get to do my real job again soon. Woo Hoo!!! Doc starts his Chemotherapy Thursday, so after that we will know if he feels up to coming back to work part-time or not. I am keeping all appendages crossed that he does. If not, I may get rusty at using the needle. And making copies is getting monotonous. But, I am not complaining because at least I still have a job. But, now on my day off, I have to go into work for half a day. So, I miss out on my extra midweek sleep. Oh well, no rest for the wicked, I guess.